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Check out some great books and help the site! I have chosen these books as among the best to illustrate this subject.

Celtic Reenacting Units

This page is to help those looking to reenact Celt, to do so. RomanTimes is an overall organization and as part of that, we want to have living history events — and by that, we mean often, non-public events. Part of that is and will be combat events — not with wood sticks or live steel, but through the use of Needle Felt combat. Needlefelt (abbr. NFS) is a system allowing full-force blows that won't injure.

The ("a") Unit

As of this time, the unit/group is building. We have a e-mail list for you to join and build it. The Romans are not going to run the Celt unit, but the unit WILL follow the RomanTimes guidelines and authenticity rules. This is not a SCA type event wherein duct tape and "use whatever materials" will be allowed. If you wish to do those things, the SCA is there for you.


Another place to look

There is now a group on Facebook to possible help Clet reenactors find each other. I am sure there are others, but who knows. Try this: Celt Reenactors in North America

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